Game Type: Coin - S


  • A lot of quarters
  • A table
  • Any preferred drink


Here's an original from Hawaii. We made this one up in the late 80s. It's played like standard Quarters, but with no cup and a lot of coins.
You start with a single quarter on the table. Each player attempts to bounce another quarter once off the table so it lands on the first quarter. As long as it is physically touching the first quarter when it stops moving, you may straighten the stack, and designate someone at the table to take a drink. Then take another quarter and try to add it to the stack. Three in a row allows you to make a rule.
If you miss, you lose your turn and must pass the quarter to the next player.
If you knock the stack over, you lose your turn and must drink as many times as quarters are separated from the original one at the bottom. This gets very nasty as the stack gets higher. In competition, we were able to get the stack to about $3.75 before we ran out of opponents (one mistake and a knob could have to empty the ‘fridge!).