Skull and Dice

Game Type: Dice - S


  • 1 Dice
  • At least 3 people
  • Drinks


Rules are: only play with mixers or beer, other wise your stuffed!!!! Everybody skulls whatever drink they have in front of them to get them started. Each take a turn at rolling the dice. Roll:1 or 6 take a swig 2 or 4 miss a turn 3 is doubles 5 choose someone else to drink Fairly easy but there are more rules: If you roll double 3 times, then it is a skull. Get caught with an empty vessel its a skull. If you say the word "skull" then you have to skull. You cannot point, every time you do its a swig. If you roll off the table its a skull. Any false accusations it's a skull. There you go plain and simple. It sounds easy but it's the longest game I've ever seen. Only went on for 20 mins and in that time 2 cartons and 3 bottles of bourbon went missing.