Sink The Biz

Game Type: Skill - S


  • At least 2 people (up to 6)
  • Glass cup
  • Large metal pail
  • Lotsa beer


Start out by filling the pail with a fair amount of beer then place the glass cup inside and let it float.
Starting with one person, one by one, each player tries to add as much beer possible in order to screw the next person over. If you sink the biz, you down the full cup. If you don't, you simply get the gratitude of screwing someone else over.
Whoever sinks the biz must start out on the next round by filling the new glass as much as wanted.
If you sink a glass of biz on the first try directly after drinking the previous glass, you then have to down two full glasses immediately.
You give a little and drink a lot and the game goes on as long as two people are present.


Joe Haarman