Game Type: Vocal - S


  • Beer
  • Deck of cards with 10 thru Aces only
  • People


Rhymes with raw. A simple game with a high buzz factor.

Place one full cup of beer in the center of the table, and arrange the 20 cards in any desired formation around the cup of beer. Play goes in a circle around the table. The first player draws a card. The following table shows what will follow:

  • 10 - Word Association
  • J - Social drink
  • Q - that player drinks
  • K - Give one drink to anybody
  • A - the first three aces drawn don't do anything. Whoever draws he fourth and final Ace must drink the entire cup of beer in the center of the table.

A few rules about Word Association. The player who draws the 10 starts by saying any word. The next player continues on by saying an associated word. This ends when either somebody can't think of another word IMMEDIATELY, or if a previous word is repeated from that round. Both instances results in a drink. It's that simple.