Scottish Bevy Fest

Game Type: Coin - S


  • 1/2 pint glass
  • 6 beers minumum per person
  • Coin
  • Table and chairs


There are lots of rules so you have to read carefully Start by filling the 1/2 pint glass with beer. The first player has to bounce the coin on the table and try and get it into the pint glass. If he succeeds he can nominate a person to drink it. However, if he fails a player can challenge him. He then has another go. If he gets it in, the player that challenged him has to down it. *You cannot put the drink down, you have to drink it in one,you can rest, but the glass has to be up to your mouth at all times. Also, after you have drank it you have to try and catch the coin between your teeth and try and bounce it back into the glass. If you succeed,you can nominate another play to drink the next one, (this is very difficult, and you don't have to drink again if you fail) The second player has a go and so on. Players can accumulate drinks, if they break 4 rules in succession then they will have to have 4 drinks. There are several rules that have to be followed and failure to adhere to these rules results in having to down one 1/2 pint. The rules are as follows: no pointing with your finger you have to drink the drink with your left hand no saying the word "DRINK" you cannot leave the table without the permission of at least 2 others around the table no disrespecting the other players, cursing, name calling etc. Have a sick bucket handy, you will need it!!!.


kenny mcbrearty