Game Type: Card - S


  • Beer
  • Cards
  • People


This is similar to other games but the rules are a lot easier to remember (especially when drunk) Ok, Basically you spread the cards around the table in a circle. Someone takes a card (whoever wants to go first) and must do whatever the card means.

This is what the cards mean:

  • Ace: Make a rule. Everyone but the rule maker must do the rule. ( a good rule is to make everyone stand up and sit down every time they drink more than 3 drinks at one time)
  • King: Thumbking. Anytime during the game you can sneak your thumb facedown onto the table. The last of the people playing must take a drink. The thumbking can place his thumb on the table as many times as he wants until someone else becomes the thumbking.
  • Queen: Question. Whoever drew this card asks a question to whomever they want. Whoever they ask must reply with another question. Everyone asks questions like this until someone doesn't ask a question. (a good way to start is to not show anyone your card and ask them "are you ready?" they will most of the time say "yes")
  • Jack: Category. Someone starts a category like shoes and you go around the table naming brands of shoes until somone freezes or says a wrong answer. They then drink.
  • 10: Everyone raises their drinks and toasts to something.
  • 9: Rhyme. Someone says a word and everyone has to rhyme the word they just said.
  • Even numbered cards: Whomever drew the card has to take that many drinks
  • Odd numbered cards: Whomever drew this card gives the number of drinks to different people playing.

You basically play until all the cards are gone or everyone is too piss drunk to stand up. It usually takes a few games to get "hella" hammered.