Game Type: Card - R


  • Deck of Cards


A good game to play with any amount of people. You can play just as well with only two people as you can with ten. Here's a tip though, if you really want to get drunk doing this try to play with a low number like four or five.


  • Spread the cards out on the table face down. Once a person is chosen to go first you can proceed in either a clockwise or counterclockwise manner, it really doesn't matter.
  • The first person to go simply flips over any card they want and that's how the game is played. Each card has a different meaning, but the suit makes no difference. If player one flips over a 5 all the guys in the room must take a drink. Some of the directions actually require skill and clear thinking; others are just plain easy to follow directions.
  • As soon as everyone has done what the card says it is the next persons turn, and so on and so forth until the cards run out.

Card Meanings:

  • Ace is Rule - Whoever turns over this card is allowed to make ANY RULE THAT THEY WANT!!! Be creative. To make the rule official the rule maker should take a drink.
  • Two is You - Whoever turns over this card picks any other person they want to take a drink.
  • Three is Me - Whoever turns over this card must take a drink themselves.
  • Four is Floor - Quick put your hands on the table!!! The last person to follow the cards direction is the person who must drink.
  • Five is Guys - Attention all men, it's your turn to drink.
  • Six is Chicks - Ladies, put that glass to your lips and take a big gulp.
  • Seven is Heaven - Freeze! Put your hands in the air!!! The last person to raise both hands into the air must drink.
  • Eight is Mate - Whoever turns over this card gets to pick any other one person to take a drink with them.
  • Nine Nine Bust-a-Rhyme - This is one of the tricky ones. Whoever turns over this card has to think of a word. Now one by one everyone else has to think of a word that rhymes. No cheating! You can't repeat a word that has already been said.
  • Ten is Social - Let's toast. A social means that everyone drinks together.
  • Jack Jack Double-Back - All it means when a Jack is turned over is that the last person(s) to drink have to do it again.
  • Queen Queen Question - Whoever turns over this card must think of a question. Then whoevers turn it is next must respond to that question with another question; same goes for the next person and so on. Whoever fails to respond with a question must drink.
  • King King Catagory - This is always a fun one. Whoever turns over this card gets to think of a catagory, once they name something in their chosen catagory it is the next persons turn to think of something else in that same catagory. Continue until someone fails, that person must drink.


  • Remember to stay CREATIVE in this game, thatís half the fun.
  • Pay attention! If you're too drunk to pay attention you'll lose rounds, and that's only going to make you even more drunk.
  • Be smart, if you think you've had too much to drink don't be afraid to quit the game. Stopping drinking doesn't make you a party pooper, but drinking too much might.