Ride the Bus #2

Game Type: Card - R


  • 2 people
  • Beer
  • Cards


Usually this game is played by one person, as a result of another game lost.This being the punishment. To start off, the dealer deals out 13 cards in a pile face down. The dealer leaves the remaining cards in a pile next to him/her. The dealer then takes the 13 cards and flips them over one at a time. The only cards that you have to worry about are the jacks through aces. If a jack is flipped over you must drink one drink. A queen is 2. A king is 3. An ace is 4. However, there is more! For every card that you have to drink for, you add that same amount of cards to the pile of 13 cards. All cards from 2-10 are safe cards and you don't do anything for them. The game is done when the original pile of 13 cards, or however many more were added to it, is gone. This could get interesting if you were playing with shots, but I don't recommend it.