Ride the Bus

Game Type: Card - R


  • A deck of Cards
  • Large Group of friends
  • lots of ants


A player is dealt a card. They must then say whether or not the next card is higher or lower. The player must guess at least three in a row correctly and then passes the turn onto someone else. If the player guesses incorrectly, they drink for 1 sip per card in the pile. If the player guesses incorrectly 5 times in one turn, they must "ride the bus." Riding the Bus - Aces are 4 new cards, Kings are 3, Queens are 2 and Jacks are 1. All the cards are shuffled together and 5 are dealt face down on the table. They are flipped over in no particular order. If any of the above cards are showing, that numer of new cards are dealt face down and flipped over. This continues until no face cards are dealt. The player must drink a sip for each card that has been dealt. A variation on High or Low