Red or Black #2

Game Type: Card - R


  • Deck of Cards


The Give one, take one card drinking game is one version of it there is another version called RED OR BLACK, which follows te same give and take situation rules that were explained except for the fact that the people playing do not get dealt 4 cards in fact they have to guess what their 3 cards will be.

The player left to the dealer (A) goes first, the dealer will ask him red or black, and (A) must guess what colour his card will be, it goes around to every player the same, then for the second card it is asked as higher or lower than the first card each player received(ace is always high, and if the same you get it wrong nad must drink).

The third and final card is asked as in between the first two or outside, for example (A) received J and 7 is it going to be A,K,Q,6,5,4,3,2 (outside) or J,10,9,8,7 (Inside). If a player guesses wrong he must consume some of his beveridge.

Then the game proceeds into the format mentioned in Give one take one. This game can carry on to a second round (dependant on how many players are involved) in which the process mentioned above is repeated leaving the previous cards where they were and thus making a combined total of 6 cards per player and the give one take one scenario is again played out with each player having 6 instead of 3 originally or 4 in the case of the Give 1, Take 1.

Remember if you end up with the same 2 cards out of your cards then you get double the reward or penalty, for example your 3 cards are A,A,9 and on the take 4 card is an Ace then you must consume 8 instead of 4.