Game Type: Coin - R


  • 1 big glass
  • 4 small glasses
  • at least 2 quarters (more when your drunk)
  • High tolerance
  • Lots and lots of Beer


Pick two even teams with 2-4 people on each team. Set a big glass on a table with the 4 smaller glases on the four corners of the glass. Each team gets 1 quarter and shoots at the glasses. You go in the order that you make up yourself and you cannot skip people. If you make it in the smaller glasses the other team get one chance to match it in a smaller glass, but if they don't then the team who didnt make it has to drink till the other team tells them all to stop. Then if one team gets the quarter in the big glass then the other team has to match it in one shot and if they don't the big glass gets to fill to the top and the team that loses has to slam the big cup, splitting in between them and whoever missed it has to drink to the anchorman. And the losing team gets to fill up the middle cup as much as they want. Also if a team is trying to match the smaller up and they accidently make it in the big cup then its just like they made it in the big cup and the other team gets a chance to match it until someone matches it. Have Fun and get drunk!


Turd Ferguson