Game Type: Skill - P


  • 2 teams of 2
  • 20 regular sized keg cups
  • 4 ping pong balls
  • A ping pong table
  • Beer


Fill each of the cups a third of the way with beer. Set the cups up on each side of the ping-pong table in the formation of a triangle using 10 cups for each of the triangles. The two teams take opposite sides of the table. One team starts off by one of the teammates (the teammates switch after every turn) attempting to bounce his 2 ping-pong balls across the table and into the opposing side's cups. For every cup that a ping-pong ball lands in, the opposing team must drink the alcohol found in that cup. If both balls land in the same cup, the opposing team must drink an entire cup of beer. If no ping-pong balls land in the cups, no one drinks. After the 2 balls have been bounced, it is the other team's turn to bounce their ping-pong balls accross the table. The team that ends up drinking all of the beer on their side of the table first must drink the remaining beer in the glasses of their opponents. Play game again and again…