Ping Pong

Game Type: Vocal - P


  • Drinks of your choice (beer or shooters recommended)


Ok, this is one of the games I learned to love in Austria, wait for more to come. It is actually a kids game there, slightly modified to fit the drinking idea. #1 rule and I mean #1 rule is: Do Not ever show your teeth. Try to cover them up with your lips, do whatever, but Do Not show them. If you show them at any stage of the game and you get punished. Now that #1 rule is explained, the game is quite simple.

You sit around a table, (NOT SHOWING YOUR TEETH!!!) and someone starts with ping. Then the person on your right has to say either ping or pong. Ping keeps the same direction, pong reverses direction, so if you say ping, it's going on to your right, if you say pong it's going back.

Easy so far? Here comes the funny part. Besides not showing your teeth (NEVER!) On the first mistake you make, apart from having to drink, you have to start rocking your upper body back and forth.

The next mistake, you have to continue rocking, but also putting your right hand to your head, wiggling it.

Third mistake is rocking plus both hands wiggling at your head. (remember not to show your teeth (eg. You laugh, you get punished, and as always, other people looking at you who laugh get it counted as a mistake as well)

I have had so many classic nights on this one, just wanted to share it.