Peanut Races

Game Type: Luck - P


  • 2 - 6 players each with a full glass of beer
  • Pitchers of beer on had for refills
  • Shelled peanuts


The object is for each player to drop a peanut into their own glass of beer, and then watch to see how long it takes to rise back to the surface. The player whose peanut reaches the surface last is the loser, and must drink the entire glass of beer. The loser's glass is then refilled and another round is played.

The Rules:

  1. The loser from the previous round calls a countdown for dropping the peanuts, e.g. Ready-3-2-1-DROP!
  2. Players must drop their peanut exactly when DROP is called. If a player drops their peanut too early or too late, they are the loser and must drink their beer.
  3. If a player drops their peanut on time, but it falls outside the glass (believe me it happens), then they are the loser and must drink their beer.
  4. When a player loses, the other players may not point a finger at the loser, nor shout "DRINK". If a player points a finger at the loser, or shouts "DRINK", then they too (along with the loser) must drink their beer.
  5. After a round, players must retrieve their peanut from their glass, eat it, and choose a new one.
  6. All players must use similar peanuts (e.g. brown skin removed, brown skin not removed, halves, or wholes), the choice of which is made by the loser of the previous round.

The results:

This game is unbelievable fun in groups of 2-6. More players means it's difficult to keep an eye on all the glasses when the peanuts are surfacing. Someone is bound to get legless. I have many happy memories of playing this game at various pubs in Perth, Western Australia.


Liam Gumley