One Minute Game

Game Type: Vocal - O


  • 2 containers to place slips of paper in
  • 2 slips of paper for each person playing
  • Deck of Cards
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Shot glasses for Beer


*The more people the better* Everyone serves up his or her own shots of beer. A dealer is chosen from the group to shuffle the cards and to deal a card to all the players.

Everyone (including the dealer) has to write down a word or phrase on each of the slips of paper they are given. When everyone has finished writing, everyone folds their pieces of paper and places one slip in one container and the 2nd slip into the 2nd container.

The dealer then shuffles and hands out one card to all of the players. Everyone then turns their card over to see what they got. (Ace being the highest, Kings, Queens and Jacks after that, numbered cards as face value, with 2 being the lowest).

Who ever has the lowest card, needs to pick a slip of paper out of each container. Once the person has chosen the two slips, they are given up to 30 seconds to think about what they are about to say. After the 30 seconds, the person who has chosen the lowest card, has to speak for one minute straight, telling the rest of the group a story about what's written on the two slips of paper, without giving them both away.

At the end of the minute, everyone has to guess what the two words/phrases were. If anyone is unable to guess what the words/phrases were, they have to consume. To make it even harder - the person isn't allowed to um and err throughout the story, or to repeat themselves. Doing so is an automatic "consume". Anyone who fails to talk for the full 1 minute, is also to consume.

Once the round has finished, the person who had to talk for the minute is now the new dealer, and the next round starts again. The aim of the game is to be as bizzare as you can be so you can completely confuse the other players into consuming!

If all else fails, you've all had a good laugh and a few beers.


The Lads