One Fat Hen, Option 2

Game Type: Vocal - O


  • Beer
  • Functioning Vocal Chords


An extended variant on the listed One Fat Hen. People sit in a circle and the caller starts, saying "One fat hen". Everyone in the circle repeats. The first one to flub drinks. If everyone makes it correctly, the caller drinks. After the drink, the caller says, "One fat hen, a couple of ducks", and so on. The extended text:

  • One fat hen
  • A couple of ducks
  • Three brown bears
  • Four running hares
  • Five fabulous fat ladies
  • Six simple Simons sitting on a fence
  • Seven Sicilian sailors soberly sailing the seven seas
  • Eight outrageous oysters orderly organizing an outing
  • Nine nude noble nourished nuns pit-pat knit-knatting niccotine butts
  • Ten I slit a sheet a sheet I slit, upon a slitted sheet I sit
  • Eleven egotistical egotists egotistically egotisting egotisims
  • Twelve I'm not the sheet slitter I'm not the sheet slitters son but I'll slitt the sheet beneath the seat of the sheet slitter's sheep until the sheet slitter comes.

No one has ever made it to 12.


Jeremy Hayden