One Fat Hen

Game Type: Vocal - O


  • Beer


Very similar to One Big Chicken

All you need are lots of friends and beer. The following 10 phrases are said, one at a time, preferably by someone who knows them. Every other player repeats the phrase. When you get past the first phrase, they must say the next number along with the ones before. (i.e. when you get to 10 you've got to repeat all the phrases) Rules are simple: if you screw up any part of the phrase, you drink and play goes back to the person before you.

The phrases are:

  • One fat hen
  • A couple of ducks
  • Three brown bears
  • Four horny hares
  • Five fickle females
  • Six simple simons sitting on a stump
  • Seven sicilian sailors sailing the seven seas
  • Eight egotistical egoists echoing egotistical ecstasies
  • Nine nude nymphs nibling on Nat's nails and nicotine
  • Ten. I'm not the fig or the fig plucker's son, but I'll pluck that fig till the fig plucker comes!