One Duck

Game Type: Vocal - O


  • Beer
  • People


This game is similar to one fat hen, but with different words. Start with the first phrase and everyone in the group repeats it. The first one to screw up….DRINKS! For example:

  • One Duck
  • Coupla Hen
  • Three Brown Bear
  • Four Running Hare
  • Five Fat Females Fixing For A Fight
  • Six Stoned Skunks Sitting On A Stump
  • Seven Sicilian Sailors Sailing The Seven Seas
  • Eight Rabid Racoons Reading The Railroad
  • Nine No Name Norweigan Nijas Nesting Near New Zealand
  • Ten Tough Tarantulas Toking Tabacco Through Thorns
  • Eleven Elaborate Elephants Ejaculating Everywhere Even Entering Everyones Estates
  • Twelve Tomahawk Toting Tallywackers Taking Turns Touching Tori's Tits Till Tuesday

Usually nobody is standing after twelve….but if they are, continue making things up on your own…I used to know up till 17 but time and beer have washed the last 5 away.…