One Dead Dog

Game Type: Vocal - O


  • 2 or more people
  • Loads of Beer or other drinks


This one is actually one of many variants of a drinking game that already exists on this site. What happens is this; one person says the first line, then the others have to repeat that line (in order, clockwise). If someone gets it wrong, they must drink. When everyone has given it a try, the first person repeats the first line, and adds the second. The others must say both lines. Again, if someone gets it wrong, they drink. For every round, another line is added to those already said. The game is complete when all ten lines are repeated by all contestants.

The lines are these:

  • Line 1: one dead dog
  • Line 2: a couple of ducks
  • Line 3: three french hens
  • Line 4: four filthy faggots
  • Line 5: five fertile females
  • Line 6: six sicilian sailors sailing the seven seas
  • Line 7: seven sorry sods selling old socks and egg nog
  • Line 8: eight oxygenisists oogling for estrogen
  • Line 9: nine no-good neanderthals
  • Line 10: ten tranquile triplets training for the transylvanian triplejumps.

Good Luck!