One Big Chicken

Game Type: Vocal - O


  • Beer
  • People


A great bar game, any number of people may play. High buzz factor. Supplies: people and beer, the basics. But what's really important is to have someone who knows all ten phrases.

The person who knows all the phrases begins, one phrase a time. The game follows the same routine as the Twelve Days of Christmas. So, the sixth person in the circle would have to repeat the sixth phrase, as well as the previous five.

If you mess up a phrase you drink the number of phrases you had to complete, and then start over at the first phrase. This continues until the game is completed, saying all ten without screwing up.

The phrases are:

  1. Big Chicken
  2. Cute Ducks
  3. Brown Bears
  4. Hairy Running Hares
  5. Fat Females Sitting, Sipping scotch, and smoking cigarettes
  6. Sheets Slit by Sam the Sheet Slitter
  7. Sexy Siamese Sailors sailing the seven seas
  8. Echoing egotists echoing egotistical ecstasies
  9. Naughty Knocked up Nuns navigating the Nigerian desert towards the nunnery
  10. fig pluckers plucking figs, I'm not a fig plucker or a fig pluckers son but I'll pluck figs until the fig plucking's done!

Have fun.