Old Man Game

Game Type: Television-movie - O


  • 1 or more friends
  • Easily accessible beer
  • Remote control
  • TV with cable (more channels the better)


Lots of Fun Great Game For All Ages!! (drinking ages that is) Everyone must situate themselves in a comfortable viewing position around the television. The volume on the TV goes down, and the radio goes up. The TV starts on channel 2. One person starts by guessing if there will be an "old man" or "no old man" on the next channel along with a bid of drinks (i.e. "old man for three" or "no old man for 5"). The channel is advanced one at a time.

For five seconds it is studied for the appearance of an old man. If the bidder was correct he/she is able to hand out the drinks that were bid, to the others at his/her own discretion. Next person then quickly bids to keep the game moving along.. and the channel is changed again..yadda yadda..

DAILY DOUBLE: If one is familiar with the station's correspondence to channels, then this rule can apply. If a bidder bets for "no old man" on any of the CSPANS and is correct, he/she can hand out double the amount of drinks that were originally betted (i.e. 5 would then become 10).

CROWD SHOT: Any crowd shot is an automatic "old man"

B & W: Any black and white male is an "old man"

PICTURES: Pictures of old men count as an "old man"

DISCREPENCIES: Every game has a descreps factor. This game's is the definition of old. Some men are so unbelievable old that they are definitely an "old man", but others are border line. In cases of a discrepancy the audience takes a vote, as we do live in a democracy. What ever the public vote rules is what happens. If there is only one other person playing and a discrepancy occurs, then the bid is split and both parties drink.