Game Type: Skill - N


  • Keg of beer (or 2 or 3)
  • People


Sit in a circle around the room (either on furniture already setup or in a circle on the floor) and set the kegs in the middle. Assign a # to all those playing. #1 starts the game off by saying "1-1" then clapping twice and saying "#-#" and the person with the number called responds by clapping twice, saying "(their number)-(their number)" clapping twice, then saying "#-#" and so on with the number called responding in kind then calling another number. If somebody misses their # or messes up with the order in which you call your own number and then another, the person has to go fill their cup and down it. Then they go take the place of the highest numbered person and everyone with a number higher than that persons previous number moves down a number takes the spot of the person with the number directly under them. The person who messed up then starts the game again. If the highest numbered person messes up, they just take a drink and restart the game with nobody moving.


fat pat