No Name Game

Game Type: Card - N


  • 4 or more people
  • Beer (lots of it)
  • Cards


It takes a little while to learn, but it makes you trashed.

The entire deck of cards is put into a messy sort of circle in the center of the table. 1st player draws, and game moves in a circle henceforth.

The cards drawn go as follows :

  • Any card drawn 4 or below, you drink yourself.
  • Any card 5 - 8 you give away to any fellow players, points may be divided. (for example if you draw an 8, make the guy next to you drink 5 and someone else drink 3)
  • 9 is a rhyme, the first player says a word and fellow players rhyme with it in a circle until someone messes up, then they must drink 5 seconds.
  • 10 is a category. (example : brands of beer - first player says one type of beer and players name beers in a circle until someone forgets or repeats a name of a beer, then they drink 5.)
  • Jack is a social (everybody drinks)
  • Queen is a question with a question (players randomly ask questions in a circle until someone answers with anything but a question, then they drink 5 and the next player in rotation draws a card)
  • King is make a rule (any rule, for example no cursing or drink 10 seconds.. This is a dastardly rule.)
  • Ace is a waterfall, the player who pulled the ace, and all players drink until the player who started it stops, and then they still may not stop until the person in front of them stops drinking.)


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