No More Shots, Please No More Shots!

Game Type: Endurance - N


  • As many shot glasses as you own (at least 10)
  • As much Beer as you can find
  • Stop Watch


Only one person can play at a time so select him/her in any way. The game is very simple. The player has 60 seconds to drink 1 shot of beer any way they want. As soon as the 60 seconds has finished they have 60 seconds to drink 2 shots of beer. The game is finished when the player quits, is sick, fails to finish the shots in the 60 seconds or has got to the point and finished 10 shots in 60 seconds! For the hardcore drinker in the first 60 seconds 2 shots should be drank in the second 60 secondes 4 shots and so on (this version in my opinion is impossible though good fun to try)


  • the shots should be poured in advance of the 60 seconds.
  • bucket should be kept near by.