Nine Busta-ryme

Game Type: Dice - N


  • 2 dice


What you are drinking doesn't matter. The more people playing, the better.
This game is not very complicated, you sit in a circle with as many people as possible. To start, a person rolls the dice and what they get determines who drinks and for how long. Even numbers you give away to whoever you want and odd numbers you take yourself. If you roll doubles you get to roll again. So if you roll and the total from both dice is 12 then you give out 12 seconds and get to roll again because of double sixes. If you roll a nine then you must start a ryme and it continues around the circle untill someone messes up. The ryme can be anything for example "I love beer" and the next person has to ryme with beer. The person that cannot ryme must drink for 10 seonds and the game continues.