Nascar Drinking Game

Game Type: Television-movie - N


  • A drinking buddy
  • Lots of beer (or any other drink or your choice)


Begin by each player choosing a car that they think will win or that comes closest to first place. Take a drink each time one of the follwing is said throughout the race:

  • aero push
  • tire(s)
  • fuel
  • pit
  • tight
  • loose
  • lap(s)
  • track
  • turn
  • car(s)
  • car company name ( ford chevy etc. )
  • the name of any track (drink 2 if the current track name is said)


  • drink 5 if there is a yellow flag
  • if there is a wreck drink the number of cars involved
  • finish beer on commerical
  • drink 5 if any one has a flat
  • end of the race ----- drink the number of the winning car

The one who wins can watch every one drink one full beer.


Jason Woods