Name That Tunage

Game Type: Misc - N


  • Alcohol
  • Friends
  • Music


Buzz level varies upon how quickly the music changes.
Here is a game that you don't realize you're playing until someone just begins playing. As you are listening to music at an establishment and a new song comes on, you try to be the first person to identify the name of the artist/group that recorded it, followed by "drink." Everyone else drinks a toast to the brilliant soul who has answered so quickly and accurately.
If however, you answer incorrectly and someone else corrects you, you have to down your drink, the person who corrected you doesn't have to drink and everyone else drinks a toast to the person who correctly identified the artist.
Notes: This works only if you are not in control of what music will be played. A radio with a scan button is especially helpful if you are in a hurry to get a buzz. It also makes for a varied selection of musical styles.
If you are listening to live music by a band that plays covers, you could just blurt out the name of the original artist who recorded the song.
If you choose, you can make the game more difficult by requiring not only the name of the artist but also the song title and even the album on which it appeared.


Becky McCandlish