Musician's Revenge

Game Type: Skill - M


  • A bunch of wind or vocal duets
  • A couple of shot glasses
  • A group of instrumentalists (4 or more)
  • A lot of Beer


The group of instrumentalists (most likely college students) should go into a room, preferably one of their teachers' studios in their music school, and set up two music stands and chairs facing each other.

Two of the instrumentalists should sit in the chairs with any duet of their choice.

One of the other two or more people calls out a key, and the two instrumentalists have to play the duets, transposing into the key called out.

The first person to make a mistake has to take a shot of beer. That person then has to get up and let the next person sit down. The person that didn't make a mistake plays in the next round too.

Each instrumentalist keeps playing until they make a mistake. For instance, persons 1 and 2 are playing each other. Persons 3 or 4 call out a key to transpose into. Person 2 makes a mistake, so they take a shot of beer and person 3 takes their place. Person 1 then plays against person 3. Persons 2 or 4 call out the key this time. Person 3 makes a mistake and takes a shot of beer. Person 3 gets up and person 4 sits down. Person 1 and person 4 then play each other. Persons 2 or 3 then call out the key for transposition. Person 1 makes a mistake and takes a shot. Person 1 gets up and person 2 takes their place. Person 2 and person 4 now play each other. Persons 1 or 3 now call out the key.

Continue in this fashion, the person with the next number being next in line to play so no one can sit out too many rounds. Adjust beer amount for skill level of transposition. For instance, with a group of instrumentalists of particular transposing skill, increase mistake penalty amount to 6 ounces, or 1 can with very high skill level.

The game moves fast, and you will drink more beer than you think. This is a recipe for many good memories. Or lack thereof…


Joseph P. Kosowski