Mushroom Cup

Game Type: Card - M


  • A sturdy table
  • Beer or any other kind of drink you want to play with
  • Deck of cards
  • Standard glass with rim shorter than length or a card


Setting up:

Step one is to decide how much drink should be placed in center glass. Fill glass to that level.

Step two is to place glass in center of table and make a ring of cards around glass face down.

Game play:

The first player draws card from anywhere in the circle. They must call either red or black before they look at the card. If they are correct they will have that card value to split up between all players or they can give it all to one player. They will also have the card to give to anyone they choose.

example: 7 would be 7 drinks to one player or you can split it up 4 to one player 3 anyway as long as the tota lis 7, and the card to someone else to put on the glass.

If they are wrong they will need to drink the value of the card themselves and also place the card on top of the glass.

The game goes around the table clockwise. Each new card placed on the glass must have two corners hanging off from the rest of the cards. The game continues around the table as you build an unstable (or stable depending on skill) mushroom outwards.

The mushroom grows until cards start to fall.

  • If one to three cards fall person placing last card on mushroom must drink value(s) of card that fell and place card(s) back on mushroom.
  • If four or more cards fall off mushroom they must drink what ever drink is in the center glass.

It is possible to get all cards on the glass if starting sober. If this happens play game in reverse taking cards off one by one calling colors.

Value Of Cards:

  • 1-10 is ten drinks
  • All face cards are ten drinks
  • Aces are eleven drinks


  • Call even or odd
  • Put a shot in the center glass, or maybe a mixture of everything.
  • Use only two fingers to place card on mushroom
  • Use a drop rule (card must be dropped from one inch above mushroom)

Be creative, think of any way to make game more challenging once you have the basics down. Hope you enjoy!


Matt Tomczak