Game Type: Card - M


  • 2 or more people (more the merrier)
  • Deck of cards
  • Empty cup
  • Funnel (not required but makes it easier)
  • Tons of beer


Clear off a table and set the cup in the middle with everyone sitting around.
Make 2 rings around the cup with the cards.
The inner ring is the times 2 pile and the outer is the times 1 pile
The first 'soon to be drunk bastard' guesses a color then picks from one of the piles. Say "George" guesses red and he picks it from the outside pile. If its red he gets to give away that many drinks, but if its black he has to take them.
But what if he took them from the inside pile and he says red and its a black card, well he has to drink twice what that cards value is (2=2, A=14) potentially he could be drinking 28...hence why a funnel is good....
1 or 2 rounds of this will usually make you retarded so I suggest a 3rd....


Patrick North