Game Type: Coin - M


  • 2 or more people
  • Beer, liquor
  • Ice tray
  • Quarter
  • Whisky glass


Fill glass with beer/liquor and place at end of ice tray.

Players take turns bouncing quarters into the ice tray. The left side is give and the right side is take. Number of drinks given or taken are determined by the number of slots up the tray the quarter lands. The last slot on each side are the moose slots. When a player bounces a quarter into one of these slots, everybody puts their hands to their head insinuating antlers and says "moose." The last person to do this drinks the glass. If you land the quarter in the moose slot three times in a row, then you get to make a rule. Also if you stall the quarter on top of the tray, you get to make a rule. If you bounce the quarter into the glass, you drink the glass. Your turn is ended only when you miss the tray or glass.