Game Type: Card - M


  • A deck of cards
  • Beer
  • People


One of those potentially very sinister games, a chance to piss a lot of people off, or likewise be pissed off yourself. But hey, you'll be wasted because this game is deadly.

All the cards are dealt to players BUT THEY DON"T LOOK AT THEM. Person #1 turns over a card, let's say it's the 3 of hearts. Person #2 then turns over a card, say the 8 of hearts. Now Person #3 tells them both to start drinking because they have a pair (two hearts) and Person #3 starts counting. When he gets to the number 3, then person #1 can stop drinking and when he gets to number 8, person #2 can stop. The problem is that person #3 can count as fast or slow as he wants and others have to keep drinking no matter what. Also, person #3 has to catch the pair BEFORE he plays his card.

Okay, now say person #3 puts down an ace of hearts, then person #4 tells #'s 1, 2, and 3 to start drinking and counts until 14. Aces=14.

Now say that person #4 puts down an ace of spades, then the next person (before playing his card) catches them and then starts counting to 28. Because 14+14 =28. (same value is doubled/tripled) Both #3 and #4 drink until 28.

This will get you very drunk if you're friends are cruel. If counting, feel free to go the the bathroom, get another beer, go on a food run, etc, while in the process of counting.