Love Me Hate Me

Game Type: Card - L


  • 4-8 people (works even better with more)
  • Beer
  • Deck of cards with no jokers


Deal out all the cards (no jokers). Everybody can look at their own hand. Usually a person will have 5-8 cards depending on how many people are playing. The person with the three of clubs starts out by laying in on the table and saying "(a name) you drink three" because the card was a three. At this point people can save you by laying their three and saying "no (a name) you drink three". You don't have to save people.You can hold it, which comes in niceand handy at the end when all the other cards have been used. So then the person who had to drink starts off by taking one of their cards and laying it down.. say an 8 to somebody (then can be saved) All face cards are worth 10 drinks. A Jack needs a Jack to be saved not a Queen. Usually teams will form and certain people will end up drinking a lot. Another variation: a person can't be saved on 2's and 3's because of the low drinking value.