Lieutenant Mangina

Game Type: Card - L


  • Deck of Cards
  • Drinks
  • Group of Friends



  • If the card is red, the player gives out the amount on the card.
  • If the card is black, the player drinks the amount on the card. (The amount can be give to one person or split up)
  • If the card is a 9 « name rotation », everyone changes name and gets the name of the person on their right, all names move to the left and keep on moving to the left everytime someone gets a 9. When the players mixed up the names or call the other players by there real name they drink.
  • If the card is a 10 « busta rhyme », the player who picked the card says a phrase, the person to the left has to come up with a word or phrase that rhymes and so on. The first person who can’t think of a word or copies an already said word has to drink.
  • If the card is a jack « truth », the player who picked the jack has to ask a yes or no question and everyone has to answer.
  • If the card is a queen, all players have to name a colour and the last person to name a colour drinks 2. If a colour is named twice those players who named the same colour also drink.
  • If the card is a king, this person becomes Lieutenant Mangina. He/she can give away drinks to other players when they please and can refuse when told to drink.
  • If the card is an ace, « make a rule ». The person who picks the ace gets to invent a rule, it can be any rule that they want and if a player does not obey this rule they have drink.

Continue playing game until there are no more cards or till everyone is to drunk to read the number on the card…whatever comes first!


ruff wriderz (Leah, Sandy, Pam, Dzidz)