Last Man Standing

Game Type: Card - L


  • 1 Deck of Cards for 5 Players
  • 2 Decks for 6 to 10 Players
  • Dice (6 or 8 faces)


The deck is in the middle of the table and each player roll the dice, the player who rolls the highest starts. At your turn you take a card from the deck, each card has a meaning :

  • 2 : You take two mouthfuls of your booze.
  • 3 : A thumb : Until your next turn, you can put your thumb on the table anytime you want, when you do, every player put his thumb on the table as well. The last one to do so has to drink a mouthful.
  • 4 : An elbow : Same thing than a thumb only with your elbow.
  • 5 : You have to drink for five seconds without stopping.
  • 6 : The direction changes (clockwise / counterclockwise).
  • 7 : You drink 3 mouthfuls.
  • 8 : You distribute 4 mouthfuls to anyone you want.
  • 9 : You pass.
  • 10 : You drink 2 mouthfuls you distribute 2 mouthfuls.
  • J : You invent a new rule that works until your next turn.
  • Q : You drink two mouthfuls.
  • K : You roll the dice and drink the number of mouthfuls.
  • A : You roll the dice and distribute the number of mouthfuls.
  • Joker : You finish your glass.

The goal of the game is to get drunk, and to be the last one standing.
You loose if you :
  • Fall Down.
  • Puke.
  • Leave The Table.
  • Retire From The Game.
  • Spill Booze.
  • Break Something.

It's permitted to leave the table to get more booze or to urinate. If you want to join a game that's already started you have to drink the amount of booze determined by the group.