Kill the Mad Dog

Game Type: Misc - K


  • A bottle of Mad Dog (or other horrible, cheap alcohol)
  • A paper sack
  • People
  • Something to weight the sack with


Stand in the circle (preferably outdoors - see last step). The bottle of Mad Dog should be put in the paper sack and weighted so that you can't see or judge by weight how much is in the bottle. The bottle is passed around the circle and each person takes as large of a drink as they can. A player may reverse the direction at any time.

The person who finishes the bottle smashes the bottle on the ground, "killing" it. The next to the last person to drink buys the next bottle.

**Optional singing of "Kill the Mad Dog" to the tune of Elmer Fudd's "Kill the Rabbit". It makes it worse, and the players more nautious. :)