Kapp-Delta Dice

Game Type: Dice - K


  • A pair of dice
  • As many friends as you have


Ok, this is really simple. Sit in a circle or around a table or whatever. The person who starts off with the 2 dice passes them to some one. In turn, that person rolls them while the person who passed the dice to them guess what the # will be. Simple huh? The person who rolled last, gets to pass the dice to whomever they wish and then they guess, then the dice are passed on by the next person and they guess etc. Now for the fun part...However many off you are, that's how many you drink. Example, if you guess 9 and a 3 is rolled, then you drink 6 drinks. However, if you guess right, then the person who rolled the dice for you drinks that many. Example, you guess 12, 12 is rolled, the person who rolled the dice drinks 12 drinks!!!! Yeehaw!!! Very fun game if the person who guesses right also gets to make up rules. Example, if you guess right, make up a rule that everytime a 7 is rolled the person next to you drinks. If they forget to, they drink double!!! or triple if you want!!! Have fun!!!


Whitney LeVasseur