Game Type: Card - J


  • Deck of cards
  • Hard core drinkers
  • lots of ants


Arrange a deck of cards in a circle like playing circle of death. Each player takes turns drawing a single card from the circle. First person to break the circle drinks the rest of their beer.

If you draw:

  • 2-6 you drink the amount on the card.
  • 7-8 are socials where everybody drinks.
  • 9 is a bathroom break, you are not allowed to use the bathroom unless you get a 9, once you draw a nine you can keep it and save it for later in the game if you wish.
  • 10 gets you a get out of jail free card, if you are not in jail when you get this card you can save it for later when you are.
  • Jack gets you put in jail, being in jail means that you have to drink whatever and whenever anyone else in the game has to drink, for example if a 7 is drawn and everyone has to drink because it's a social, a person in jail would have to drink as many drinks as there are people at the table. Once you are in jail the only ways you can get out are if you draw a 10 or trade a bathroom break for a 10. If you possess two jacks then you are in double jail and you have to drink twice as much as normal jail.
  • Queen starts a waterfall.
  • King makes that person the king so they can make anyone drink whenever they want.
  • Ace lets that person make a rule, any rule is fine as long as it doesn't nullify rules of the game.

These are the rules of jail, have fun and get wasted.


James Cronin