Game Type: Skill - I


  • Beer (preferably cans so they can be shotgunned)


* Some sort of shots drinks can be used instead of beer. This politically incorrect name is used because of the way you sit. The first one out is the "Indian". Game works best with six to twelve people. Everyone sits in a circle cross legged. Everyone has their own hand signal such as a peace sign, thumbs up, longhorns, etc. A fairly slow rhythm is started by everyone clapping hands on knees. Someone starts by giving their own hand sign and then someone else's hand sign. That person has to answer with their own hand sign and then someone else's, and so on. No verbal prompts allowed. When someone misses their sign, or messes up in any way, they have to shotgun a beer, or down a shot. After a bit, the tempo of the rhythm is picked up a wee bit at a time. Have fun.


K. Young