In the Bag

Game Type: Dice - I


  • 2 Dice
  • A bunch of friends (as many as you want)
  • A paper grocery bag
  • lots of ants


First person rolls the dice. If the sum of the numbers of the two dice are even (2,4,6..) person to rollers right takes a drink. If the sum is odd (3,5,7...) then person to the rollers left takes a drink. If doubles are rolled, follow rules above. The roller must put the paper bag on his or her head. Then the person with the bag on must drink every time someone else rolls the dice. The bag can only be taken off if someone else rolls doubles (then the bag gets put over their head) or the person with the bag on rolls doubles again, or if someone rolls snake eyes the roller can select who gets to be IN THE BAG. Also follow the even and odd rules while in the bag. If you are to the left of someone that rolls an odd number and are in the bag you must drink twice. Just keep taking turns until you either run out of beer or you've been in the bag so long you can't function (cuz the bag messes you up good).