Horse Races

Game Type: Card - H


  • 2 or more players
  • Deck of Cards
  • Drinks


First you take out all four aces Then line up five to ten cards (depends on how long you want the game) face down in a vertical line (this is the track). Then line up the aces hortizonal face up (these are the horses). A dealer then takes bets. Each person bets drinks on any ace of their choice, this is their horse. The dealer then takes the remainder of the deck and turns the first card over. If it is a heart then the heart ace moves up one, this continues until one horse makes it to the end of the track. If your horse wins you get to pass out your drinks to the other players. If you lose you must take a drink one each for all your bets you placed, among the drinks that were passed to you. This game is lots of fun, however I suggest if there are several players keep track of bets with pen and paper.


Barbara Washington