Hockey 2

Game Type: Card - H


  • Beer
  • Deck of Cards
  • Four People


The table is divided in to two teams of two, with team members sitting across from one another. Choose a dealer and have him/her deal all the cards evenly. When all the cards are dealt the person with the two of clubs starts. The object of the game is to try and play the same card as the person before you has played. If you play the same card as the person before you, then your team scores a goal. (Unless an eight or jack is played. Eights and jacks are safe cards and therefore can not be scored on. Once a goal is scored, the team that scored tells the the team that got scored on to start drinking until they say stop. The first period is concluded after all cards are played. Play three periods and the loser after all three finishes his/her beer.


Jared Ramsey