High Roller

Game Type: Card - H


  • Beer
  • Deck of cards
  • Dirty dice
  • Group of guys and girls (not more than 6 total)


This game is a derivative of the ever popular "screw your neighbor". All cards 2-9 are drinks.

  • Any red card 2-10 is a drink given out, and any black card is a drink taken (6 of hearts or diamonds = 6 drinks dispersed to the group or one person).
  • Jacks are rhymes, one person starts with a single word or phrase and everyone has to rhyme off of that word, whoever screws it up has to drink 11.
  • Queens are rules made up at the discretion of whoever drew the queen, rules can be applied to specific cards, people, or situations… just go with it.
  • Kings are categories and works the same way as the jacks, whoever names something out of the category or something that has already been named has to drink 13.
  • Aces are a roll of the dice and the roller gets to choose his partner.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry!


Jeff Golla