Heads or Tails

Game Type: Coin - H


  • 1 coin per person (pennies work best)
  • lots of ants


This game is extremely simple and is entirely luck-driven. Each player gets a large glass of beer. One person gathers up the coins from the players, and tosses them on the table. For every "tails" that comes up, the thrower has to take that many sips/gulps of his own beer. For every "heads" that comes up, the thrower gives out that many drinks. He can give them all to one person, or split them however he likes. Play then passes to the player to his left. If he throws ALL tails, the thrower has to chug the remainder of what's in his glass. If he throws all heads, the thrower gets to have another toss. Obviously, the more people playing the game, the higher the possible buzz factor!