Hands Up, Hands Down

Game Type: Coin - H


  • 1 coin
  • 1 large table (not glass topped)
  • 2 teams of people
  • various drinks of your choice


Divide drinkers into 2 groups. All rings, watches, and bracelets must be removed. Groups seat themselves along each end of a table. * Important: Table cannot be glass, or anything else that you can see through! All members of one side place their hands on the table, palms up. One person will have a quarter in the palm of their hand. The opposing team instructs "Hands down". All members of the team holding the quarter must put their hands under the table. At this point, they can pass the quarter to anyone on their team. The object is to keep the holder of the quarter hidden from the opposing team. When the opposing team is satisfied that the quarter has changed hands, they call "Hands up". The team with the quarter places their hands (in fists to disguise who has the quarter) up in the air. The opposing team then yells "Hands down" and the team with the quarter slams their hands (palms down) on the table. Try to make sure that every slams their hands down at the same time. At this point, the opposing team has to choose a hand where they believe the quarter is in. If they get it on the first guess, all members of the quarter team have to chug their entire drink. If they get it on the second guess, only the person who was holding the quarter has to finish their drink. If they do not find the quarter after after two tries, all members of the unsuccesful guessing team have to chug their entire drink.