Hands Under

Game Type: Coin - H


  • Quarter
  • Table


One of the more unique coin games (since it is nothing like Quarters), this is a great game to play with a large group sitting around a table.

One person is "It" and sits with their hands on top of the table. "It" starts the game by shouting "Hands under!"- the rest of the players then place their hands underneath the table and start passing the quarter (with great stealth, of course).

Feel free to get tricky- pass it back and forth, hold on to it, switch direction.

"It" can yell "Hands Up!" at any point they choose, be it 5 seconds or 5 minutes. When this is yelled, the passing players all put their hands up in fists. "It" then shouts out one of three things- Roll 'em, Slam 'em, or Teacups- that instructs the passers how to put their hands on the table.

Roll'em is to slam down your fists and roll them till your hands are flat on the table.

Slam 'em is to slam your hands down flat on the table.

Teacups is to place your fingertips on the table with your thumb tucked behind.

The object of the game if for "It" to guess which hand is hiding the quarter. They get three guesses and must specify which person and which hand. If they guess correctly, the person with the quarter is now "It". For each incorrect guess, they must drink (this is a good time for shots, since you can only get 3 guesses). Three incorrect guesses and they are "It" again, but you cannot be "It" more than three times in a row (it then defaults to whoever has the quarter).

The only drawback to this game is, since your hands are occupied with passing and hiding the quarter, recreational drinking can be difficult. I recommend straws.