Gravy Train

Game Type: Card - G


  • 3 - 6 player
  • Deck of cards
  • Dozens and dozens of Beers
  • Pints for every player


Place the deck of cards in a pyramid, face down, 5 on the bottom on up to 1 card on top. Deal out the remainder cards to all players. Now flip up one of the bottom pyramid cards. If you have a matching card, E.g. 4 spades is drawn and you have a 4 diamonds, you nominate someone to drink. This player may get ganged up on and have plenty of drinks to do. Flip up the next row of cards and so on until you get to the 3rd layer. The 3rd layer is doubled in drinks, even better for ganging up on someone. The 2nd layer is tripled and the last layer is quadrupled. The person with the least amount of cards has to get on the gravy train. Every one card that is pulled is worth 1 point. There are 10 drinks to a pint. Next gather up all the cards, shuffle them and the loser has to nominate a card E.g. 8 of spades, now the dealer has to draw the cards out until the 8 of spades is out. For every 10 cards that come out, the loser of the rounds has to drink a vessel. If itís the last card he has to do 5 pints. Remember that this player may have been ganged up on in the first stage of the game and may have downed 2 or 3 already. This game only takes about 15 minutes and you may only be able to last 1 round. Now that's what I call a game.


Mike Neilson New Zealand