Goin" 2 The Races

Game Type: Card - G


  • Full deck of cards
  • Good friends
  • lots of ants


Take all 4 aces out of the deck ( these are the 4 horses) and shuffle the deck. Now lay the horse in a line at one end of the table while laying a line on the rest of the cards in the deck along the long side of the table (don't use all of them just make a nice "track" for the horses to race beside). Now make bets on which horse (ace) you think will finish first. (So lets say you bet 100 drinks, this equals slamming 3 beers. You have to do half before the race. If you win, you pass your drinks 100 to someone in the room times 2, so now 100 = 3 beers is now 200 = 6 beers). If done correctly by laying down one by one, the rest of the deck, one horse passes the last card laid out on the side.


Certis (sir-tis) Montgomery