Frisbee Cups

Game Type: Skill - F


  • 4 plastic beer cups
  • 4 players
  • 4 wooden dowels, 1/4 - 1/2 inch in diameter, 3-4 feet long
  • Any drinks, tho bottled or canned is preferable
  • Frisbee


Take two of the dowels and stick them in the ground to form a V-shape. You'll want enough room between them so that the frisbee can pass through the middle. Pace off about 10-15 feet and do the same with the other two dowels. Place a cup on the tops of each of the dowels Form two teams The game unfolds like this: The teams take position behind their respective goals ( dowel and cup construction) The teams take turns trying to knock the cups off the opposing team's dowels by hitting the dowels with the frisbee. Should they succeed in knocking the cups to the ground, they get one point per cup. Two points are scored if a team manages to throw the frisbee between the dowels without touching either dowel. The team playing defense tries to catch any cup that has been knocked off before it hits the ground. If the cup is caught then no point is scored. The defense may not interfere with the path of the frisbee. Games go to a predetermined score. First team to achieve it wins. The other team suffers severe allegations of incompetence and a drastic reduction of sexual appeal. The trick to this game is that it must be played with a drink in one hand AT ALL TIMES. Half the challenge of the game comes from trying not to spill your drink while diving for the cups, dodging the disk, and styling it up for the ladies. Remember, spilling your drink also means you suffer the slander and ridicule from your fellow players and those hawk-eyed, rapier-tongued observers. his is traditional a game played during ultimate frisbee tournaments and summer beach BBQs.


Graham Thomson