Fresno Caps

Game Type: Classic - F


  • 2 towels if you care about spillage
  • lots of ants
  • Lots of Beer bottle caps
  • Pint glasses


START UP AND ORDER: Each team faces each other roughly 10 to 12 feet apart. The pint glass sits between you and your partner filled to the top. A flip of the beer cap decides who shall shoot first (calling tops or bottom). The team that calls it right decides which partner will shoot first for team 1.

When the person is picked to shoot they will shoot the cap and try to make it in the opposing team's cup. If he/she misses then a person from team 2 shoots, after he/she throws the cap then it goes back to Team 1. The other member then shoots and then back to the team 2, where the last person shoots. This is the order that the game will be played until it is won. Anyone caught out of turn in anyway must drink one glass of beer)

SCORING: When a cap is thrown into the opposing teams cup, without hitting the floor, another person or anything, that is one point (team cannot block the shot, that is just lame). That person gets to keep shooting until he/she misses. Each point is a full glass of beer for the other team.

  • 1 point= partners share 1 glass beer
  • 2 points= partners drink the beer sitting between them and the opposing teams beer
  • 3 points= partners share 3 beers. 3 beers is the limit per series of points.

RETALIATION (A.k.a Re-tal): After the team makes a cap in the glass and is done, meaning he/she misses his 2nd, 3rd, ect. The team scored against gets to retaliate and shoot back as many caps that were scored against them. Example: a player from team 1 makes 3 caps, team 2 gets to retaliate at least 3 caps, because you always get another throw if you make it in the cup so you can actually score points in a retaliation. Each cap retaliated against the other team is a point taken back.

Example: team 1 makes 2, team 2 retaliates and makes just one, it is only one point.

The game is played to 7 but must be won by 2. In the event that the game is not done and you have ran out of beer, the next available alcohol must be used. If there is no more alcohol then water will be used to tell there is a winner ( I only say this because it has happened).

THE FLOATER: The most sacred and all holy aspect of the game of CAPS. If by a miracle chance you through the cap in the cup and it floats on top of the beer and does not sink, the opposing team must drink 2 full beers and your team is awarded 2 points. This happens once every 200 sinks and is a honor to be included in the Floaters Club.

OTHER RULES: Any discrepancy with anything is decided by the cap. Called the "Cap never lies" and the a player from any team must shoot the cap, if sunk their team is right and the other team must drink, if wrong then they respectively agree to the CAP's decision and play on. Trash talking is not only allowed but is encouraged. Anything and everything is allowed to be said while playing caps, also what is said while playing caps is not grounds for being butthead the rest of the night. Winner of the game gets the option (some cases no option) of staying.


Adam Patterson